Background and Aim: Gentle music has relaxing and pain reducing effects. In this study, the effect of music on patients' vital signs and pain was investigated before and after endoscopy.

Methods: This clinical trial study was conducted on 100 children from seven to fourteen years of age in Gha'em Hospital, Mashhad in 2015. Children were divided into two equal groups (case group=50 and control group=50). The control group received endoscopy according to the standards, without any other procedure. For the case group, a classic musical piece by Clayderman was played during endoscopy (from the time of entering the endoscopy room to the end of the process). After conducting endoscopy, FALCC scale and Baker-Wong pain scale were filled for both groups. In addition, children's vital signs including: heart rate (pulse), diastolic and systolic blood pressure were measured before and after endoscopy for both groups. Data analysis was conducted using SPSS16 with the help of Mann-Whitney and Chi-square tests.

Results: No significant difference was found in age, gender distribution of case or control groups (p>0.05). Heart rate and diastolic blood pressure was significantly lower in the music (case) group compared to the control group before endoscopy (p=0.012). In addition, pain score in patients of the music group was lower than the control group (p<0.05). 

Conclusion: Playing music for children during endoscopy can reduce pain and anxiety in patients before and after endoscopy.


Keywords: Music; Endoscopy; Blood Pressure; Pain; Children
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