h-index, Citations, and Research Areas:

In 2009-2019, the authors of the journal Electronic Physician have been from 29 countries in all continents.

According to Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics), the main research areas of the journal Electronic Physician have been Pathology, Health Care Sciences Services, Infectious Diseases, Nutrition Dietetics, Reproductive Biology, and Psychology. 

According to Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics), 925 articles of Electronic Physician have received 1250 citations from all databases of Web of Science (Figure 1), and the h-index of the journal increased from 10 in 2018 to 11 in 2019.

Citations to published research are widely used to determine the impact of researchers, academic institutes, and journals on the progress and development of specific areas of science. 

Figure 1. Citation report for 925 results from all databases in Web of Science for the journal Electronic Physician (ISSN: 2008-5842)