More detail, and apply for a waiver of the publication fee

In 2017, a large number of authors received a considerable discount in their publication fee. In 2018, the journal planned a procedure in which we could encourage more authors to use our new scheme for a waiver of the publication fee. In 2019, “Electronic Physician” is going to welcome article submissions without charging for a publication fee for at least 80% of the submissions. On the first step, in 2018, authors from Low-Income Countries publish their article free of charges; and from April 2019, all of authors from Middle-Income Countries will publish their articles free of charges. The rest of authors, even those from high-Income Countries, also can apply for considerable discount or a waiver of publication fee.

In our first step toward the free publication fee and working to build research capabilities in low- and middle-income countries, the journal has made a full waiver of publication fee or considerable discount for authors who do not have access to funds to cover the fee. In addition, to ensure that high quality research is viable for publication free of charge, the journal will consider a waiver or a considerable discount in exceptional circumstances (high quality research) for authors of any country regardless of income ranking. Furthermore, to ensure that the ability to pay does not affect editorial decisions, no payment information will be required until an article is accepted.

In compliance with our new scheme for waiver of publication fee, we have categorized the publication fee into 3 categories. Most of our authors fit in categories 1, 2; and then can publish their research with a discount (or exempt from publication fee). In addition, and since the journal began to publish more high quality Randomized Controlled Trials, Meta-analyses, and Prospective Cohort studies in 2018; authors of such manuscripts may apply for up to 100% discount, at the time of submission. 

Category 1- Exempt from publication fee:

Authors from low income countries (in accordance with the World Bank) are exempted from publication fee and they receive 100% discount, with no question. In addition, authors of high quality Randomized Controlled Trials, Meta-analyses, and Prospective Cohort studies are invited to apply for waiver of publication fee at the time of submission.

Category 2- Exempt from publication fee or Considerable discount:

From April 2019, authors of this category will also publish their article free of charges, with no question (Same as Category 1). Until then, the authors from Middle income countries (such as India, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, East Europe countries, Turkey) will receive 35% discount, with no question. They may also apply for additional discount up to 100% at the time of submission. Upon such application, they will be awarded the waiver of publication fee or a considerable discount, especially if the manuscript is written from a high quality research.

Category 3- High income countries:

A small number of our authors are from high income countries. The publication fee for this category is $750, however, they may apply for 20-100% discount, at the time of submission,  especially if the manuscript is written from a high quality research.

Note 1:

The authors who choose the Fast Track option are required to pay $200 upon successfully passing the review process. Choosing the Fast Track will not affect the outcome of the submission (acceptance or rejection).

Note 2:

No submission fee is required at the time of submission.

Note 3:

The journal pays a considerable fee to technical editors, DOI registration, Cross-ref service, Online Submission System, PubMed Central XML conversions, iThenticate Plagiarism detection, Native English Editing, and other editorial fees. The journal has also recruited a group of the highest ranked English editors to ensure that all articles are free of grammatical errors and where necessary, editors will re-write sentences and provide constructive comments to the authors. Our authors can consider our English editors' comments and corrections as the highest quality of scientific writing educational class. The journal will compensate the English editors and there is no fee charged to the authors for this excellent service. Please click here to read more about Free English editing.


Refund policy

Refunds on open access cannot be considered, once an article has been published.