Objective: The focus of this study aimed at measuring multiple inflammatory cytokines levels in the aqueous humor of patients with primary open angle glaucoma (POAG), pseudoexfoliation glaucoma (PEXG) and senile cataract. 

Methods: This case control study was conducted at the Research Institute of Ophthalmology, Giza, Egypt in 2016. Aqueous humor (AH) samples were withdrawn from 50 patients (30 POAG, and 20 PEXG) and from 15 patients with senile cataract serving as controls. The levels of IL6, IL8, transforming growth factor β1 (TGFβ1), tumor necrosis growth factor α (TNFα) and serum amyloid A (SAA) were analyzed by ELISA immune-assay. Data were analyzed by SPSS 10, using Pearson Product-Moment Correlation and independent-samples t-test.

Results: The levels of IL8, TGFβ1, TNFα and SAA were significantly higher in POAG and PEXG patients, compared to senile cataract patients. While the levels of IL6, were significantly decreased in both groups of glaucoma patients compared to cataract patients. Significant positive correlations were detected between IL6, IL 8 & TGF β1, IL 8; SAA, IL8 & TGFβ1, SAA in the aqueous humor of different groups.

Conclusion: Thus the assayed cytokines including TGFβ1, TNFα, IL8 and SAA in aqueous humor, play a vital role in IOP elevations in patients with POAG and PEXG.


Keywords: Cytokines, Primary open angle glaucoma, Pseudoexfoliation glaucoma
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