Clinical trials, together with other original articles, cohorts, meta-analyses, and systematic reviews, are the most preferred types of articles by the journal Electronic Physician. In the last few months, we have received a large number of clinical trials and other experimental research, and we are glad to announce that, in our latest issue (October 2015), we published six clinical trials (30% of the total 20 articles). We decided to prepare an easy-to-follow approach for those authors who are not completely familiar with the CONSORT standards in presenting the findings of clinical trials, and we will soon publish an easy guide for using CONSORT. Until that time, we recommend that our authors double-check their manuscripts using the CONSORT statement website at


In addition, a sample of our published clinical trials is available here. Authors are specifically recommended to use the same approach as in the sample article in organizing abstracts and the materials and methods sections of their clinical trials.


Editorial Office,

Electronic Physician

November 01, 2015