We are pleased to announce that we have just received the latest journal review summary on the quality of our journal by National Library of Medicine (NLM), which is responsible for indexing the biomedical journals in PubMed (PMC and Medline).

NLM uses a 0-5 scale system for evaluation of the quality of biomedical journals from 0 to 5 (0: Poor, 1: Fair, 2: Moderate, 3: Good, 4: Excellent, 5: Outstanding).

According to the NLM report (February 2016), the quality of Basic Research and the quality of Authors-Institutions of our journal are Good (3 out of 5), and Excellent (4 out of 5) respectively.

Regarding the Editorial Work (credibility of contents), the NLM evaluated the External Peer Review of our journal as Good (3 out of 5).

Production Quality (layout, printing, readability, usability, graphics; number and location of advertisements) is another factor evaluated by NLM. According to NLM, the production quality of our online materials is evaluated to be Good (3 out of 5).

The NLM, reports the Ethics Policies of biomedical journals in the rank order of None, Little, Moderate, High, Very High, and Essential. According to their report, our journal got the rank of “High” in this area.

The journal will use all of the details of this report as a specialist guideline to enhance the quality of the work it publishes.

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