Dear Authors and Readers,

The journal “Electronic Physician” (ISSN: 2008-5842, has been in publication since 2009. We have been working hard to improve the quality and quantity of the work we publish.

Today, we have authors, reviewers and editors from more than twenty countries on all continents, and we have also partnered with international medical conferences organized by universities. We not only publish original articles, but we have also created a column on our website for news and views, a column specially for publishing guidelines and approaches to writing high quality journal papers, and we also have a column for publishing interviews with famous scholars worldwide, regarding important issues related to  medical research and its future. 

Before I list all of the positive steps we have taken for our journal, I should explain that when our journal was approved by PubMed in 2014, we used that opportunity to greater improve a lot of the procedures in our existing editorial works and publications. We added DOI numbers to all papers and began to use iThenticate for anti plagiarism checks on all manuscripts. We also used the most expensive and highest quality company (Data Conversion Lab: DCL) in the United States to convert the papers to XML for depositing to PubMed Central (PMC). Furthermore, we re-designed our journal with an upgraded version of the content management system. 

Today we publish more clinical trials and experimental studies and cohort studies than ever before. Most journals are honored if they can publish only one single clinical trial in each of their published issues, but we have just published seven clinical trials in our September 2016 issue alone, and we publish many clinical trials, cohorts, meta analyses, systematic reviews, and original articles in all of our issues. For me, it is very important to say that if our journal be accepted by Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) and Scopus, we will use this opportunity as another important development and progress for the journal and will use this opportunity to again upgrade the quality of Electronic Physician to the highest standards and I hope they can give us this opportunity to improve the research articles we publish. 

In the following list are the steps we took in order to progress and to improve the quality and reputation of our journal during these years:

1. We have more articles to be published in our journal. Currently, an average of twenty articles are published in each issue.

2. In first year, our journal was being published at irregular times. But then it was changed to quarterly and later from July 2015 it became a regular monthly publication (between the 25th and 30th of each month).

3. There is no readers’ fee and all of the articles are available for free download. The authors fee is the minimum required amount, which is used for maintaining our quality, paying the fees for cross-ref, DOI and iThenticate access, paying the XML conversion for depositing articles to PubMed Central (PMC), paying the annual fees for memberships to organizations, and other routine and basic costs, and providing the free service of native English editing on all of our papers.

4. We are following the ethics of publication based on COPE guidelines, and our journal is listed and a member of COPE, International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), and World Association of Medical Editors (WAME).

5. The layout of the journal web pages has been adjusted and improved to a more reader friendly format. We have specially added separate pages for abstracts of each article. Also, the HTML version of all of our articles are available on PubMed Central.

6. The statistics of our journal are provided on the website, and we will update the statistics at the end of 2016.

7. More authors from more countries have published with our journal, and our authors and readers are in broader geographical distribution. The largest numbers of contributors were from Iran, Egypt, Malaysia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, and India, but the geographical origins of the authors and reviewers/editors are listed in alphabetical order, as follows: Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, China, Egypt, England, France, Georgia, Germany, Iran, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jordan, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, and Vietnam.

8. We have more original articles than before, and the percentage of the original articles in our journal is higher than before. Particularly, we have more clinical trials than before and we can say that no other journal in the region publishes the same amount of clinical trials as Electronic Physician, and that all of those clinical trials are the results of PhD level research and theses, or by postdoctoral and sub-specialist fellowships. In the first years, most of our authors were master students and medical doctors, but currently most of our authors are professors, associate professors, PhD holders and PhD candidates, Postdoctoral fellowships and Sub-specialist medical researchers.

9. The journal has recruited some distinguished scholars from other countries to work as associate editors. The main editors and associate editors of this journal are known persons in the academic world in the area of medical and health research, and publication ethics. 

11. The journal is indexed in numerous indexing databases including PubMed Central (Full-texts available on PMC), PubMed (All abstracts are available on PubMed and have PMIDs), Index Copernicus, Directory Of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), EBSCO, and recently the CINHAL accepted our application. 

12. All of the manuscripts in our journal will go under advanced English editing by native English editors, free of charge; but the journal uses a significant part of the publication fees to pay the English editors. The reason why we provide English editing free of charge is that most authors do not have access to high quality native English editors independently.

13. The review process in our journal is strict, and the reviewers provide constructive comments on manuscripts. Most of our authors consider the reviewers’ comments as an educational class to improve their manuscript and have ideas on better research with higher standards in the future. No manuscript has ever been accepted for immediate publication. All of the articles that are published in our journal, are scrupulously revised numerous times by authors, based on reviewers’ comments.

14. The journal uses the cross-ref services such as iThenticate, and DOI.

15. The Journal supports university based conferences. The latest conference we supported was the International Conference on Health Sciences and Medical Technologies in Algeria, September 2016, and the journal is going to publish the selected papers of the conference (best papers based on the review scoring system of the conference reviewers). The next conferences to be supported by our journal are “International Congress of Diseases and Health Outcomes Registry” and “National Congress of Medical Informatics”, which are going to be held by Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in February 2017, and a Clinical Psychology conference organized by Alzahra University (Tehran) in April 2017. The journal is also in communication with Universities in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Europe, and North Africa for potential partnership with their medical conferences in 2017.

16. Many of our published papers have already received citations from Scopus indexed journals and the journals indexed by Web of Science (Thomson Reuters), which means our journal is also successful in the contribution to medical research. However, we would welcome any advice from all readers and authors, both qualitative and the technical issues of publishing.


Dr. Mehrdad Jalalian 

Founder of Electronic Physician Journal

October 16, 2016