Dear valued authors of Electronic physician,

Since the autumn of 2014, the journal “Electronic Physician” has used the iThenticate service to ensure that the articles published in this journal are free of plagiarism and other unethical conduct, such as duplicate publication and all other copy-paste jobs.

All of the manuscripts that are accepted will be evaluated by iThenticate, before the manuscript is sent for native English editing. We have received numerous questions and inquiries from authors concerning how iThenticate works; they are especially concerned about how to decide whether sentences and paragraphs that are highlighted by iThenticate as possible plagiarism should be paraphrased. Therefore, we need to clarify that we understand that the similarity index report by iThenticate and highlighted sentences do not necessarily mean that plagiarism or copy-paste jobs have occurred in the manuscript. Indeed, the software is not the decision maker; it is the editors and reviewers of the journal who decide whether the work is original or not. In most cases, the similarities between the sentences in the manuscript and other sources are accidental, and most of the similarities belong to the “General Knowledge” domain. Therefore, we suggest that authors consider paraphrasing only the text that is highlighted by a reviewer based on the iThenticate report.


Mehrdad Jalalian


Electronic Physician

June 05, 2015