Introduction: Today, different information systems are operated in hospitals in Iran to manage the admission, discharge, radiology, pharmacy, accounting and other procedures. Inappropriate HIS system causes wasting of time, consumption of more energy and increasing the costs.

Methodology: This study was conducted in Dr. Ali Shariati Hospital in Iran. We employed Isometric Formative Evaluation questionnaire to analyze the hospital information system. Also, interviewing method was applied to complete information from departments' officials.

Results: From 101 people under investigation in this study, it was agreed on 27 people (26.7%) suitability for task criteria, 46 people (45.5%) by controllability criteria, 27 people (26.7%) to suitability for individualization criteria, 69 people (68.3%) to suitability for learning criteria, 41 people (40.6%) by error tolerant criteria, 46 people (45.5%) by self description criteria, 53 people (52.5%) by conformity whit user expectation of Hospital Information System in Dr. Ali Shariati Hospital.

Conclusion: Findings indicate Hospital Information System criteria are not efficient. It is necessary either to use nationally applicable software in information system of Medical Sciences Universities across the country or different software having international standards of medical information should be usede.

Key words: Hospital Information System (HIS); Formative evaluation; Standard; ISO 9241-10  
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