Background: Nowadays, in most countries of the world, especially in industrial societies and the societies in which the social and economical chaos have disrupted the normal life, social sources of stress have got common more than ever, in a way that stress is considered as the black plague in the current era. The aim of this study is to assess Job stress and related factors in nurses in Ilam.

Methods: This study is of the descriptive-analytical kind, which was performed in a temporary way. The sample was consisted of all nurses working in governmental hospitals of Ilam city. Sampling was performed through consensus, and the Cooper’s job stress questionnaire was used for collecting data. SPSS software and one-way Analysis Of Variance (ANOVA) test were used to analyze the data.

Results: 56 percents of research units have experienced severe stress. Using the ANOVA test, a significant relationship was observed between the average years of employment and the kind of the hospital and the average level of stress (p<0.05).

Conclusion: Our results show that in the begging years of employment and in nurses with low record of employment stress is severe, and after ten years of employment stress level declines. Conflict with other nurses and physicians, and also lacking enough skill for performing nursing services, are the main causes of prevalence of stress among nurses in governmental hospitals in Ilam.

Key words: Job stress; Nurse; Governmental hospitals; Ilam  
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