A 65 year old male was admitted with symptoms of obstructive jaundice. On right upper quadrant ultrasound, a cystic mass was seen at the porta hepatis. The gall bladder and common bile duct weren’t discernible. The intrahepatic biliary ducts were dilated and did not communicate with the cystic lesion. To clinch the final diagnosis, aspiration of the cyst was performed under ultrasound guidance. During the process, the patient went into anaphylactic shock and had to be resuscitated. Following aspiration of the cyst, there was a reduction in the size of the swelling. In a repeat ultrasound, the gall bladder was well visualized. Soon after, the patient’s jaundice began to regress. Microscopic examination of the fluid confirmed the diagnosis. The patient has been prescribed Albendozole and was scheduled for surgery.

Key words: Obstructive jaundice; Hydatid cyst; Dilated intrahepatic biliary radicals; Anaphylaxis  
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