Objective: To investigate the knowledge and awareness about H1N1 flu in urban population of 18 years and above of Vadodara, India.

Methods: A pre-designed self-rated instrument survey was conducted among 100 adults of 18 years and above through a cross-sectional study design and a descriptive analysis was performed. 

Results: Present study showed that a substantial number of participants have adequate knowledge regarding causative organism (87%), mode of spread (45%) and prevention (83%). Majority of participants (96%) would consult doctor for management of H1N1 flu and also participants (82%) believe that hand washing is most important preventable measure for H1N1 flu. 

Conclusion: Although there is an appropriate knowledge and awareness regarding various aspects of H1N1 flu among urban adult population still, active interventions are required in all areas of H1N1 flu pandemic not only to improve their knowledge and awareness regarding H1N1 flu of urban adults but also for rural adults.

Key words: H1N1 flu; Pandemic; Awareness; Infectious Disease; India  
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