Collecting information on influencing factors in developing consistent and high-quality extracts results in accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of type I allergy (IgE mediated). Furthermore, considering that a large number of allergens are currently in practice, any attempt to develop a more effective procedure for preparing extract may be useful. Nowadays, different saline solvents, temperature, incubation time, and PH are being incorporated for preparing allergen extracts. The objective of the current study was to clear and address the commonest of solvent buffers and allied conditions for making extracts of pollens of grasses, trees, and weeds. The literature review was done in Jan 2016 on PubMed and Google Scholar medical search engines without any time limitation. After reading abstracts of 87 articles, finally 37 relevant papers were selected and their full texts were retrieved. In conclusion, 24 full-text papers were recognized appropriate and chosen. The extracted information for papers has been described fully in the text. On the basis of these data, PBS buffer with PH 7.4, temperature of 4 °C and with overnight incubation time, may be the optimized condition in order to have a proper extract for carrying out skin prick tests.


Keywords: Pollens, Plant Proteins, Skin Test, Allergens, Solvents
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