Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the risk factors of ectopic pregnancy in cases presented to the Woman's Health Hospital (WHH) in Assuit University, and to perform clinical audit on strategies for management of ectopic pregnancy in the WHH.

Methods: This descriptive hospital based study was conducted at the Woman`s Health Hospital (WHH) of Assuit University (Egypt). There were 210 patients who were admitted to the WHH with the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy in the period between February 1, 2015 through the end of October 2015. Data were analyzed by SPSS version 21, using descriptive statistics, Mann-Whitney U test, and Chi square.

Results: Ectopic pregnancy affects woman in the reproductive age. There are many risk factors that increase the chance of its occurrence; however, it may also occur in the absence of any risk factors (14.0%). Internal VD (72.5%) is the most frequent risk factor; other risk factors include history of abortion, previous CS, ovulation induction, history of infertility, or previous history of EP. 

Conclusion: Clinical audit is an important item of any adequate health care. As regards to the clinical audit of EP management, we are not adhering to the guidelines.


Keywords: Clinical audit, Ectopic pregnancy, Risk factor, Egypt, Assuit
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