Introduction: Pregnancy and birth giving are two of the most important and common effective factors influencing female sexual function. Sexual dysfunction can affect women's quality of life and marriage. This research tried to determine the relation between labor type and long term sexual function in primipara women of Sabzevar, Iran.

Methods: This cross-sectional study took place in Sabzevar healthcare system in 2014. Study population was chosen by random sampling from every primipara woman who had delivered 2 years ago, in Sabzevar Hospitals. A total number of 177 primipara women were enrolled in this study after signing an informed contest. Sexual function of mothers was determined by validated Persian version of female sexual function index (FSFI). SPSS statistical software version 19 and descriptive and inferential statistics such as percentage, mean, standard deviation, Chi square, student t-test and fisher exact test were used to analyze data.

Results: Among the study population, 69.5% had natural vaginal delivery (NVD) and 30.5% had caesarean section (C/S). The overall FSFI score was not significantly different in women undergoing NVD or C/S (p=0.23). Also, no significant relation was found between delivery method and urinary (p=0.07) and fecal incontinency (p=0.6). Female sexual function was prominent in women with urinary (p=0.015) and fecal incontinency (p=0.018).

Conclusion: The results of present study showed that delivery method has no long-term effect on female sexual function and appropriate education about the sexual issues after delivery and effect of birth giving on sexual function are necessary for this group of society.


Keywords: Primiparity; Obstetric Delivery; Sexual Dysfunctions, Cesarean Section
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