How to publish in Electronic Physician and other peer reviewed journals


A large percentage of the manuscripts that are submitted to academic journals for publication are rejected because the manuscripts are poorly written. This column (Road to Academic Excellence) presents some of the well written papers of Electronic physician. Some of the articles in this column are educational article on scientific writing; and others are great samples of articles in format of "Original Articles", "Systematic Reviews", "Meta Analyses", "Case Reports", "letter to-Editors", and other common types of scientific papers. 


Featured articles of the "Road to Academic Excellence"

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Article No.1:

Title: Writing an eye-catching and evocative abstract for a research article: A practical approach

Description: This paper provides a new and step by step approach for writing a good structured abstract for original articles.


Article No.2:

Title: Prevalence of smoking in northwest Iran: a meta-analysis

Description: This is a great sample of "Meta Analysis". Meta Analyses are among our preferred review articles and have a good chance of publishing in this journal. We recommend our authors preparing their Meta Analyses using a similar approach.


Article No.3:

Title: Contributing factors of obesity among stressed adolescents

Description: This is a great sample of "Systematic Review Article". Systematic Reviews are among our preferred review articles and have a good chance of publishing in this journal. We recommend our authors preparing their Systematic Reviews using a similar structure.


Article No.4:

Title: The Design and Development of a Computer Game on Insulin Injection

Description: This is a great sample of "Original article presenting a new product, a software here". Original articles that present the methodology of creating new products and software are among our preferred articles and have a good chance of publishing in this journal.


Article No.5:

Title: Rhabdomyolysis due to Lamivudine administration in acute viral hepatitis B infection: a case report from Malaysia

Description: This is a great sample of "Case Report Article", especially the approach used by author for organizing different parts of this article. We recommend our authors preparing their case reports using a similar approach. 


Article No.6:

Title: Why publish a medical case report?

Description: This is an educational article on the publication ideas of case reports. The author categorized the case report articles into four main types. If your case fits in each of the four categories, then you should go for writing a case report article from your case study research. This article was written specifically for medical case reports, but the ideas that are presented in the article are applicable to case studies in other fields of science, such as psychology, educational science, and social science.


Article No.7:

Title: Writing for academic journals: A general approach

Description: This paper focuses on some standard procedures for writing the three most common types of academic papers, i.e., traditional review articles, original articles, and case reports. Read more.


Article No.8:

Title: Aging parents’ caregiving and rehabilitating a brain-injured son: an autoethnography of a 10-year journey

Description: We believe this article is an exemplary sample of a special type of scientific articles: Autoethnography. Hence we believe that the method the authors followed in organizing and presenting the article is commendable, thus recommended for other qualitative approach researchers in preparing and subsequently penning down their autoethnography.


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