Introduction: Ethical conflict is one of ICU nurses’ main problems, which rise for several reasons that must be measured. Unfortunately, there is no native instrument for measuring ethical conflicts for ICU nurses in Iran. One of the more suitable and new tools for the measurement of ethical conflict is called the “Ethical Conflict in Nursing Questionnaire: Critical Care Version (ECCNQ-CCV).” This study was aimed to translate and investigate psychometric properties of the ECCNQ-CCV in Iranian nurses.

Methods: In this methodological study, after translation and cultural adaptation, face validity, content validity, and construct validity were assessed. Then, internal consistency and stability were measured for reliability. Two software programs (SPSS version 20 and AMOS) were used for data analysis.

Result: Face and content validities were acceptable. Confirmatory factor analysis was not fitted. Thus, exploratory factor analysis was done, which showed five factors. However, some of the scenarios in a factor were not compatible with each other, and choosing the fit name for factors was not possible. Thus, all the scenarios were put into one factor, which has been proposed by the developer in the original version. The alpha Cronbach was 0.92 for the total scale.

Conclusions: Findings show that the one factor Persian version of the ECNQ-CCV has acceptable psychometric properties. It can be used to evaluate ethical conflicts in Iranian ICU nurses.


Keywords: Ethical conflict, Psychometric properties, Nursing
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