Ewing's sarcoma is seen mainly in patients less than 18. This aggressive tumor generally affects the axial skeleton and only rarely involves the acral regions. Ewing’s sarcoma in the foot is inordinately scarce. Clinical features are uncertain and can imitate other common diseases. This paper presents a case of 62-year-old malewith complaints of pain and swelling of the subungual area of his right great toe. The lesion was excised, and histopathological diagnosis of Ewing’s sarcoma was made. Histopathological examination, supported by immunochemical methods, remains the mainstay of diagnosis. Surgical ablation along with chemotherapy is the therapy of choice. To our knowledge, this is the first report of Ewing’s sarcoma involving the nail bed of the great toe without bone erosion. The key messages of this case report is “Subungual Ewing sarcoma is a rare case, and Ewing's sarcoma must be kept in mind for acral lesions, especially in the adult population.


Keywords: Ewing’s sarcoma, chemotherapy, nail
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