Background: Temperament refers to four different humors differentiating in individuals and, as a result, proposes specific therapy for diseases as well as special types of management (avoidance). 

Objective: The aim of this study was to overview the relationship between dystemprament and treatment and management of diseases.

Methods: A computerized search of published articles was performed using PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, and Medline databases as well as local sources from 1965 to 2016. Additional sources were identified through cross-referencing. Original and translated books were also used. Of the whole 105 articles, 40 of them were selected as our database. The search terms used were as follows: temperament, dystemprament, diseases, sue mizaj, treatments, management.

Results: The findings of this study indicated that many remedies are used based on traditional medicine to cure disorders derived from dystemprament such as different kinds of regimen, diet, and drugs. The result of this study shows that regimental therapy contributes to the treatment of some disorders such as muscular dystrophy; Alzheimer’s; MS; epilepsy; falij; convulsion; depression; eye diseases; ear disease; mouth, tongue, teeth disease; common cold (nazle); asthma; polyphagia or anorexia; heart diseases; esophagus; peptic ulcer; herpes simplex; liver; colic;  jaundice; spleen; kidney and bladder diseases; hemorrhoid; stomach worm; hyperlipidemia. Further, the findings suggest that dietotherapy is beneficial to treat and manage some disease such as sinusitis, lung, asthma, fever, muscular dystrophy, esophagus, peptic ulcer, liver, mouth, tongue, teeth disease, heart disease, polyphagia or anorexia, kidney and bladder diseases, MS, insomnia, piles, acne, permanent ejaculation, anemia, angina and heart attack, sore throat (tonsillitis), osteo-arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and impotency.

Conclusion: While traditional medicine contains many useful, less expensive, and even cheap and less risky remedies for lots of morbidities, modern medicine makes them appear nonrelevant. This study gathers some of these remedies to remind one about applying them in our daily lives.


Keywords: Dystemprament, Sue mizaj, Temperament, Treatment, Management
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