Introduction: Brucellosis is a worldwide zoonosis and a significant cause of loss of health in humans and animals. Traditionally, classic diagnosis is carried out by isolation of Brucella, which is time-consuming, technically challenging and potentially dangerous. The aim of this study was to expand a molecular test that would be used for the develop detection of Brucella in a single reaction with high sensitivity and specificity, by targeting IS711element.

Methods: This study was carried out from 2015 to 2016 at the Ayatolla Rohani hospital in Babol, Iran. The present study was designed to develop PCR assay, based on IS711 gene for rapid diagnosis of Brucella spp. and immediate detection of Brucella, with high sensitivity and specificity. Four pairs of oligo-nucleotide primers with sizes of 547, 403, 291 and 127bp respectively, were planned to exclusively amplify the targeted genes of Brucella species. 

Results: Our results show that, five PCR primers set up, would be helpful in amplifying the DNAs from the genus Brucella with high specificity and sensitivity so it can be 12 fg, for Brucella species to provide a valuable tool for diagnosis.

Conclusion: This method can be more useful than serological and biochemical tests and in addition, this reduces the number of required tests more rapidly and economically.


Keywords: Brucellosis, Diagnosis, Polymerase chain reaction, IS711gene
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