Condylar injuries are often subjected to discussion and controversy in maxillofacial surgery as they constitute many of the facial fractures. The condylar area has a great clinical value due to its important components. Vital components in this area are susceptible to functional disability due to either the fracture itself or the subsequent surgical intervention. Each of the strategies for the management of these fractures has its advantages and disadvantages. As there are controversies around management of condylar fractures, different treatment modalities are suggested in literature, so this paper reviews different treatment strategies of the following types of fractures in  adults: 1-Closed reduction with maxillomandibular fixation, 2-Open reduction with internal fixation, 3-Endoscopic-assisted reduction with internal fixation. In conclusion, we declare that the endoscopic surgery is certainly a good replacement for approaches through the skin, for subcondylar fractures, but still more randomized clinical trials are needed to be carried out on this issue.


Keywords: Mandible condyle fractures, Closed reduction, ORIF, Endoscopic assisted, Maxillomandibular fixation
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