Craniopharyngioma is a non-glial, non-malignant intracranial tumor of ectodermal origin, which arises from a remnant of Rathke's pouch. This tumor accounts for 5.6 to 13% of intracranial tumors in children. This paper discusses a case of craniopharyngioma in a five-year-old boy. An MRI scan of his brain showed a huge sella and supra sella cystic-solid lesion that had invaded the prepontine and interpeduncular cisterns, filling of 3rd ventricle and hydrocephalus. The patient operated via interhemispheric subfrontal through lamina terminalis and the tumor dissected from all part of brain stem and total resection achieved. After surgery Parkinsonism was worse for 3 days and levodopa started for 3 days. Parkinsonism was gone and after one week levodopa discontinued. This case practically implied that decompression of mass effect of tumor on brain stem and short-term management with levodopa can improve Parkinsonism due to midline compressive brain tumors without basal ganglia involvement.


Key words: craniopharyngioma, parkinsonism, brain stem
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